In Pursuit of Tea

In Pursuit of Tea

Tea Service To Stay – $6.00

Tea To Go: 12oz – $3.95, 16oz – $4.95

English Breakfast Assam – Indian black-strong, full bodied, malty

Darjeeling 2nd Flush – Oak Estate black-sweet, woody

Himalayan Black – Nepalese black-fruity, fragrant

Lapsang Souchong – smoked black-lilac, cranberry, pine

Earl Grey – Ceylon black-bergamot

Nantou Four Seasons – green oolong-fragrant, lily, sweet

Wood Dragon –twig oolong-light, maple sap

High Mountain Shan Lin Xi Roasted – oolong-plum, pine, hazelnut

Tieguanyin Deep Roast – oolong-peach, lily, charcoal

Genmaicha – green-mellow, roasted rice

Hojicha – green twig-roasted, nutty

Jasmine Pearls – rolled green-jasmine floral

Bi Luo Chun – green-artichoke, chestnut, poundcake

Chamomile – golden floral-honey, apple

Lemon Ginger – herbal-warming, lemongrass, ginger root

Lavender Mint – herbal blend-fragrant, mint, French lavender

Mint – herbal-soothing, refreshing

Mount Olympus – Greek floral-sweet, lemon, thyme

Peppermint – herbal-bright, refreshing, aromatic

Rooibos – South African herbal-rich, vanilla, honey

Classic Chai – Assam chai-full flavored, fragrant spice

Cacao Chai – Assam chai-cacao nibs, fragrant spice

Thai Chai – Chinese black chai-saffron, exotic spice

Masala Chai – Assam chai-peppercorns, allspice